About us


We love the balance of stylish , classic, contemporary and simple design. Helping moms to create a more simple and joyful life.

Focusing on what really matters in life. Sharing life lessons, moments and creating memories.

“I feel passionate about stocking products from other small independent designers and creatives.”

Helping them to grow their businesses and support them in their work. Mumu & Me’s aim is to collaborate with these brands and create signature pieces that supports the Mumu & Me philosophy. By buying our products you make it possible for us to continue our journey. We would love if you could join us and get to know us more.

Meet the Founder

The Brand is the creation of South African mom blogger, Elizabeth Pretorius. Elizabeth studied BA Fine Art. She became an art teacher and later founded Elizabeth J photography. She has been living with an extremely rare medical condition (esophageal varices) from the age of three. After extensive blood transfusions and treatments she was told that she won’t live past the age of sixteen. She turned 31 in October 2016 and is living a normal life with her husband and baby boy. Elizabeth’s life can truly be seen as a miracle.

She is dedicated to inspire others, create hope, especially for moms and to be an example that miracles do, indeed, exist.

“I truly believe even though we have hard seasons in life, there is always joy and renewal that can follow. I find hope in the promised joy to come. ”

Mumu & Me the successful blog was founded in September 2016 and thus developed into a brand.